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The exhibition of artist Hansi Dietrich’s work you can watch in our sister hotel, the IBB Passau City Center.

“Whatever the painting is not able to express, our speech will take over this part. Whatever our speech is not able to express, the painting will show us.”
(Hansi Dietrich: “The guide book for the universe or at the end I will know...”)

The artist Hansi Dietrich was born 1958 in Vienna.

Most of his paintings were created in his home town St. Roman.

Hansi Dietrich was a cheerful man, being famous for his trademarks. He was rarely seen without hat and scarf or paint-brush and color.

Since his serious illness (hepatitis-C) he was aware of his limited lifetime. Yet he occupied himself with the topic death, but in a humorous style.

“At the end I will know that I have this game called life lost. But until then let me play life.”

Due to his serious illness he needed two liver transplantations in 2004. Although these were transplanted successfully, he died in the same year. But his main concern was to encourage people to donate organs (Cp. OÖ local news from 1 July 2004).

All his life Hansi Dietrich enjoyed working with various people, in particular with handicapped ones. Both physically and mentally handicapped people participated in his painting action, furthermore prisoners could take part.

It was important to him to show that it could be much more fun to be creative than watching the artist creating.

Apart from his numerous single paintings Hansi Dietrich created series and projects by using different material.

His old farmer house (Sauwald, Austria), rebuilt by himself, served as his studio.

His paintings were exposed at many exhibitions.

Creations and projects:

"artKreuz – The cross in its perfection" (9-part painting)

"Thank you" (60 paintings – one of them is the cover for our flyer)

"AQA - Water with a human face" (drinking fountain which spends human beings energy)

"chairArt" (carton chair with various designs)

Insieme in Einsiedeln (Painting action with physically and mentally handicapped people)

"Lignorama" (Exhibition of ordinary, functional chairs and funny, decorative seatings)

"sofArt" (abstract realism - abstract pictures, real sofa)

Furthermore, Passau offers a lot of museums, galleries and ateliers for art lovers.

Museums, galleries, ateliers and theaters attract both guests and residents.

e.g. the Passauer Glasmuseum and the Museum of modern art - Wörlen.

If you are interested in art, visit www.museen-in-passau.de, where you can find more information about all the museums in Passau.

Art lovers should also visit Passau’s art street “Höllgasse” with its many little galleries and ateliers.


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