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The cultural life in Passau is rich and diverse. The City Theatre Passau was once the Episcopalian Opera and is today the venue of the Regional Theatre Lower Bavaria. Over 15 plays are premiered each season. Furthermore the “ScharfrichterHaus Passau” is well-known for its cabaret.

The biggest cultural festival in Passau is the “Festival European Weeks Passau”. It was founded by American officers in 1952 and was the first festival in post-war Germany that was dedicated to spreading the idea of the European Union. It takes place every year in June and July and consists of many high-quality concerts and events in Passau and the region.

Also significant are the “Eulenspiegel Zeltfestival” and the “Passauer Kabaretttage”. Since 2008 there is the festival for new music “Alles im Fluss“ and since 2009 the international guitar festival “Passauer Saiten“, which is part of the festival selection. Furthermore, Passau frequently hosts several film festivals, e.g. the “Muestra Film Festival Passau” and the “International Film Festival Passau”.

Each year in June or July, Passau’s Art Night takes place in the Old Town. The motto is: „Touching and Experiencing Art“.



Passau used to be Episcopal residence and important trading town. Therefor it was the ideal place for all arts to be developed. Passau’s glory as a center of culture and arts is expressed by the “Nibelungenlied“, the gothic cathedral, the baroque reconstruction of the city after the fires of 1662/80, the painters Wolf Huber and Ferdinand Wagner or the writers Adalbert Stifter and Hans Carossa.

Oberhausmuseum Passau

On top of the “Georgsberg“, high above Passau, thrones the fortress “Veste Oberhaus”, one of the biggest preserved fortresses in Europe. It houses the History Museum of Passau. The permanent exhibition "Passau - Myths & History" shows the diverse history of the city and the region. Moreover, from the “Veste Oberhaus” you have an amazing view on the “Three-Rivers-Corner”!

Museum of the Treasure of the Cathedral and the Diocese Passau

About 200 masterpieces from Romanic to Baroque art and over 100 liturgical robes, monstrances, gothic panel paintings are displayed in the Museum.

Museum of Modern Art - Wörlen Passau

In 1990, the Museum of Modern Art was opened in one of the most beautiful buildings of the Old Town. On three floors you can watch up to ten exhibitions each year. The exhibitions show art of the 20th and 21st century.

Glass Museum Passau

The Glass Museum Passau disposes of a unique collection of over 30000 glasses of the famous “Bohemian Glass“. It was awarded the “Adalbert-Stifter-Preis“, and also has the biggest collection of cookbooks in the world.

Roman Museum “Kastell Boiotro“

In a late medieval building, which lies on the fundaments oft the Roman fort “Boiotro”, you can find the “Roman Museum Boiotro”. The fort dates back to the 3rd to 5th century AD.

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