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Adventures and Excursions

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Incentives are suitable as thank-you or motivation for your employees, as a present for business clients or as a highlight of your meeting. Passau and its surroundings offer a wide range of possibilities. All incentives modules can be adapted and combined individually.

Segway Adventure-Tour (Ilz-Tour)

Discover Passau in a new way! Going by Segway is fun and easy to learn. Choose between a variety of tours with different durations. Visit the city centre, the romantic old town or experience pure nature around Passau. Contact us for more information! We are pleased to provide advice!

Climbing Forest Passau

The Climbing Forest includes 40 stations in four different levels. From completely easy elements to quite difficult glissades – here you find something for everyone! While overcoming obstacles together, your team spirit will be strengthened. 

Climbing Hall Freinberg, Austria

Unlimited climbing over the roofs of Passau! Extensive climbing walls and towers offer you extreme challenges. In 2 x 3 hours you will learn all basic climbing techniques. Improve your body position on the climbing wall with professional advice. By learning something about rope and safety techniques as well as about material science you will gain insight into the theory. 

Rowing, canoeing or rubber boat tours

The „three-river“ tour

Passau from a new perspective…

Enjoy all sights along the Danube and Inn during this 4 - 5 hour boat trip. You start downstream after the old Inn Bridge, past Schaerding. Discover Monastery Neuhaus, many river islands and the strait in Vorbach. From there – you have a beautiful view on the 1000 years old castle Neuburg and on the right Wernstein’s Castle Ruins. After 2 km you reach Austria with the possibility for a stop at “Mostbauer”, a farmer house well-known for its Cider. The highlight of your trip is the river boat tour through Passau. Especially from the river Inn you have a unique view on different architectural styles of Passau. From the water you will discover “Bavarian Venice”.


Traditional Archery without technical aids…

You won’t only enjoy yourself, but also experience a positive impact on your health. Your back and shoulder muscles will be trained.

Train your self-confidence in a new way and learn about the history of archery.

Nordic Walking Tour

Nordic Walking is not a sport in the traditional sense. However, it is suitable for everyone and easy to learn. Within short time your tensions will be dissolved and your endurance will be improved. By the way it can also help you lose weight.

Winter games

Team spirit comes first! Your team passes different events such as bungee-running, snowshoe course, throwing, archery or monkey climbing for instance. Afterwards the best team will be awarded.

  • Snowrafting
    Going down the snow-covered slope with big rubber boats means fun for everyone. Before restarting, we will warm up with mulled wine and punch.
  • Dreams of «eskimos»
    Would you like to build a real igloo? In order to build one you need our know-how. We will show you how to do it and how to handle the building material snow.
  • Zipflbob-Challenge
    Would you like to experience a Zipflbob–Challenge (originally called mini bobsled)? Going down the snow-covered slope in the Bavarian Forest; it is never-ending fun for everyone. Even in a couple of years you will remember this event.
  • Robin-Hood Day
    Would you like to be Robin Hood and prove your archery skills? You will have the opportunity to show your archery skills as well as your walking skills with snowshoes at our Robin–Hood Snowshoe Tour.
  • A traditional cabin evening “Hüttengaudi”
    After having arrived, we walk with snowshoes to the “Dreisessel” lodge. This comfortable and traditional lodge offers you Bavarian food, especially “Bayerisches Reindlessen”. After a rich meal you experience original Bavarian entertainment program incl. music and funny games. Last of all we go back with torches to our starting point.

The „ark of the Danube" – Your individual nostalgic route on the Danube

Passengers can enjoy a nostalgic Danube river boat trip in a rustic style incl. Bavarian entertainment and food. During your tour on the Danube you will be enthusiastic about the beautiful Danube landscape and its history. Due to its environment and quality the ark was awarded by the Bavarian State Ministry for Economics, Transport and Technology.


Pullman City - the living Western City

The Western City Pullman is situated at the verge of the Bavarian Forest and next to our neighboring countries Austria and Czech Republic, embedded in a unique landscape. Travel through time and discover the authentic scenery of the Wild West. A diverse, fascinating show program, life music, campfire romance and rides on real American Quarter Horses are inclusive. Experience the daily life of Cowboys and Indians.

Quad Tour

Would you and your employees like to make an unforgettable tour through the region? Go by Quad…

Choose between different tours and discover the most beautiful off–road routes in the region. Depending on your own interest you can decide the duration and content of the tour. Contact us for more information!


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