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Bavarian Forest:

The gentle hills of southern Bavarian Forest dominate the landscape of Passau Area, situated to the north of Danube. It is the perfect holiday destination for families, hikers and nature lovers.

You can find the most beautiful destinations in the Arber Region.

  • Great Arber und Great Arber Lake "King of the Bavarian Forest": The Great Arber is with 1.456m the highest mountain in the Bavarian-Bohemian border mountain.
  • Crystal Forest fire of green shimmering glass: Trees of glass grow on 2.000 square meters near to castle ruin Weißenstein.
  • Ruin of Castle Weißenstein Impressive: The powerful castle building on white rocks lies 750 m high on the rocks.
  • National Park Information Centre Falkenstein Wildlife enclosure, root channel, Stone Age cave and look-out: Pure wilderness in National Park Information Centre "Falkenstein" in Ludwigsthal.
  • Glass museum Frauenau From the furnace to the finished glass: A fascinating insight into history and the production of glass
  • Train station Bayerisch Eisenstein Unique in Europe: The station building, through which the German-Czech boarder is running, has got a National Park Information Centre.
  • Old silver mine “Silberberg” opened to visitors: Pure air in the old silver mine: You can experience an underground therapy in Bodenmais’ healing gallery.
  • The Glass Barn Winner of the A masterpiece in the Arber Region with huge glass walls.
  • Ruin of the Castle Altnußberg Enjoy traditional lodge nights and an amazing view from the castle keep. In the 12th century, Altnußberg was one of the oldest and biggest castles in Eastern Bavaria.


Monastery Corner Aldersbach / Ortenburg

The picturesque landscape between the Danube and Rott is well-known for its monasteries and sacred buildings. Visit Bavaria’s most beautiful St. Mary’s Church, the 700 years old brewery with museum in Aldersbach or the historical market of Aidenbach. Relaxation and silence are possible on the pilgrimage trail VIA NOVA or in one of the magnificent pilgrimage churches, Sammarei or Grongörgen, as well as in the “cathedral of Rottal” in Fürstenzell. Ortenburg, which was once the ancestral seat of the powerful Earl of Ortenburg, offers a wide variety of museums, wildlife and bird park and art treasures. You can experience a golf match either in Fürstenzell’s Feng-Shui Golf Resort or in Europe’s largest Golf Resort in Haarbach. Experience, discover and enjoy Lower Bavaria.

Bavarian Golf & Thermal Spas: Bad Füssing und Bad Griesbach

Bad Füssing and Bad Griesbach: Two spa resorts at a high level. One is situated in the plain of “Pockinger Heide”, the other on the hills of “Rottal”. Both became famous through hot, healing sources. Today Bad Füssing is Europe’s leading health resort and Bad Griesbach is the centre of golf sport and holistic wellness. Both take care of your health and well-being. There are three modern thermal baths in Bad Füssing. Suitable is also the environment: In Bad Füssing as well as in Bad Griesbach an orchestra, park, casino and “Thermal golf Bad Füssing – Kirchham” awaits you and you can find Europe’s largest golf resort and one of the largest Nordic-Walking Centre in Germany.


The Vorwald in “Passau Area” can be characterized by good air, much forest and more granite. The communities Aicha v. Wald, Büchlberg, Eging am See, Hauzenberg and Tiefenbach all form part of it. The granite “governs” around Hauzenberg and Büchlberg. This “eternal stone” of Bavarian Forest has formed landscape, people and written history. Bavarian Forest’s Granite Centre and Museum informs you about this stone wealth in Hauzenberg. Experience 1000 years of stone processing within little time in the Granite Museum in Hauzenberg! Furthermore around Passau you can find one of the biggest lakes of the Bavarian Forest. In case you like Wild West, the western town Pullman City is the perfect destination for you.


LINZ CHANGES - this is the city’s slogan and as a visitor you should be willing to embrace change as well.

Linz offers you many possibilities during your stay. From a guided city tour by foot or with the excursion train, a tour through the botanic garden, a visit in one of the numerous museums to a journey on the “Pöstlingberg” with the cave train and animal paradise – Linz attracts its visitor with a wide range of offers.

  • River Boat Trip on the Danube Linz - Europe’s culture city 2009 can be easily reached by boat from Passau. For your return journey you can either take the bus or train. Combined tickets are available at the local shipping company Donauschifffahrt Wurm & Noé.
  • Shopping in Linz Linz’s Landstraße is one of the most frequented shopping streets in Austria.
  • Museums and Exhibitions Discover the variety of museums and exhibitions such as Ars Electronica Center, Lentos Art Museum, Noridico City Museum, Castle Museum Linz and the City Gallery in Upper Austria’s capital.
  • Pöstlingberg Visit the Grottenbahn (cave train), the zoo and the pilgrimage church at Linz's Pöstlingberg.

Three Country Triangle

Three Country Triangle – Bavaria, Bohemia and Austria

Going on holiday in Passau Area means absolutely to get to know the Czech Republic and Upper Austria. You can discover magnificent cities, ancient culture and culinary delights in both neighbouring countries. Get there by car or bus & guided tours. Linz & Salzburg in Upper Austria as well as Krumau & Budweis are close to Passau Area. The baroque city Schärding and the picturesque Stift Reichersberg (www.stift-reichersberg.at) with the summer concerts are popular destinations. In particular, we can recommend you a day trip to the historical Krumau (Czech Republic). High above the city thrones the castle.

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